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2004. The start of my marketing career.

If I could travel back in time to 2004 and give myself one piece of marketing advice, here’s how the conversation would go.

“Don’t ever— no, you need to learn that.

“Run like hell when you meet— actually no, we need thick skin.

“When writing contracts, be sure to include—

“Hm. You know what. You’ll do just fine. Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

  • You will concoct brilliant marketing strategies and be confounded when they don’t work.
  • You will concoct stupid marketing strategies and be blown away by the results.
  • Marketing experts will kindly offer you advice that affirms the status quo. Ignore them. Find your own strategies—they will become status quo later.
  • You will go through marketing hell for a long time. But 13 years from now, with 30,000 hours of under your belt… your strategy toolbox will overflow with unconventional wisdom.
  • While your peers feverishly absorb “how to market x” rules from textbooks, webinars, seminars… you will be exploring uncharted territory and finding new ways to drive exponential ROI growth.

“So… I guess my advice is to keep doing what you’re doing.”

Then I’d buy Younger Me a beer, and struggle not to reveal that a female friend he’s known for years will become his incredible wife in a decade. 🙂

2017. The start of my marketing blog.

I’m a Marketing Director now, bursting at the seams with knowledge no one talks about. I can’t contain this shit. The world needs more free-thinking, powerful marketers. Now get to reading.